Bandage dresses

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    The fabrics of the Bandage Dresses:

    Bandeau dresses are designed to have a tight fit and make the body perfectly shaped. Good quality bandage dresses are mainly made with three types of material: rayon, nylon and spandex;

    • Rayon offers silk-like qualities and a distinctive sheen.
    • Nylon offers remarkable durability and strength.
    • Spandex has the characteristics of flexibility and elasticity.

    The mix of these soft, quality and breathable materials makes your bandeau dresses snug and comfortable to wear for a long life.

    Some characteristics of a good bandeau dress

    1. Fabric: a mix of rayon, nylon and spandex. Clothes made of polyester or other materials are not quality bandage clothes.
    2. Durability: Your dress should be sturdy in its construction and have a minimum hem weight of 2 pounds for a typical sleeveless or sleeveless fit.
    3. Luster: A slight sheen or sheen should be visible on the material. It derives from the silky qualities of the material.
    4. Extendable: The dress should easily stretch 3 to 4cm across your body. In its own right, it shouldn't be in the least transparent.
    5. Comfort: Even if the fit is tight, your dress should be comfortable to wear like a second skin. Its construction and strength should provide excellent support and shape to your body.